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Jul 31, 2012

How and why to use the parked web sites?

This question is always on the table. How to monetize your domain or there are other reasons to put your parked domain into a web site? According to our experience, none of the existent parking web sites is satisfactory in terms of monetization. However if the main purpose is not to monetize the domain or domains, then there may be other reasons for a parking a domain. In our case monetization (being very low in most cases as the advertisers are now offering ridiculous earnings (where previously reached $3.00 for each click or more), it is absolutely secondary. Our goal is to put the domain in an active state and develop it so that it can be seen in search engines and thus allow to attract visitors and thus increase the possibilities of sale of the domain itself. And you dear reader and domainer, what is your opinion? What do you think about parking? You think monetization is balanced in terms of costs and revenues? All comments are welcome.

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