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Aug 9, 2012

How to Manage Your Website

A website like any other activity will have three key tasks which include designing the website, updating the website and promoting the website Setting up a website is an exciting activity but maintaining it requires skill and knowledge. An organization's website is supposed to work towards better profits for. Having a website is a great achievement but what you do with it is what matters. There are several things that you need to consider when managing your website.

Designing the website

The greatest challenge is to develop a website that takes into account the needs of both the organization and the clients. Getting the right person to design a web site is not a problem since these services are readily available. Having a website that the clients cannot make use of is not useful at all, you therefore need to make clients part of the design process to ensure that all their needs are taken care of. After all they are the ones that the website is being designed for.

Updating the website

A website is not like a brochure therefore it can be updated to show new products and services. The greatest challenge is the lack of the right personnel and expertise to update the website. Adding new texts, products and photos can be such a challenge if you do not have the necessary expertise. You can agree with the original web designer to be updating the website from time to time and can also have someone within the organization to be trained on updating the website should it be required. This gives the organization some flexibility since new things can be updated immediately should they arise. It is also possible to work within a budget. Keeping every product and information updated on the website in good time gives great results and ensures that the website is kept busy as well as fresh and interesting.

Promoting the website

Another challenge in website management is the task of making the website work for the organization. Having a beautiful looking website with no traffic does not do anything good for the organization. The expertise of creating this traffic is needed. Search engine optimization and submissions need some expertise and experience. There are also other tasks such as newsletter editing, mailing list maintenance and reciprocal linking that are essential in making the website more beneficial. These duties are however not part of the work assigned to the original web designer. The solution to this problem is outsourcing these services. There are many companies offering these services. Having a member of staff trained on this or even contacting the original web designer to help with these tasks may also be considered potential solutions. It can also be learned through e books, online tutorials and newsletters. These three tasks are considered the most important in website management and also the most challenging. Making the website work for the organization is what the website was meant for in the first place. Being two or more steps ahead helps take care of any problem before it comes up.

Article written by Abbas Hussain
SEO Engineer at Integrity SEO Experts

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