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Nov 12, 2012

Lisf of domains for sale - Bargain prices

Today we decided to sell dozens of domains at bargain prices (since $25 to $100), most of them with evaluations of thousand dollars. This sale is only happen on Facebook in different groups and at our Facebook page
The offer must be placed on comments and the payment is through PayPal on the same day of the purchase (transfers of the domains will be immediate after payment done).

Some that are with us for so long are questioning the reason why we are selling those domains (mostly premium and very valued) for such prices. Well, recently a neurologist declared my wife Ana (and one of tha meain assistants on Domains International) with the first symptoms of Alzheimer. You can imagine how we felt this medical information and how we live with this nightmare that recently killed her mother. You can imagine the money we need to spend on medication and treatments some of them costing more than $60 each.

If you are interested to see the entire list of domains, please go to that Facebook page and see ths posting i placed just a few minutes ago.

Banner Domains International

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