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Nov 21, 2012

List your domains with us - No fees.

We got a new domainer on our web site. We welcome Ivalina Bristol to Domains International web site. This is one more domainer that chosen to list her domains on a special webpage we had the pleasure to built for her domains.

Our rules are very simple and no fees are required. You list your domains, we make the hard job of building a special web page (with photos, videos, advertising, etc.), we promote the webpage on social media and that´s it. You just need to pay us 5% of comission for each domain sold (not before the transaction but after that). We act like an escrow service, the buyer pay first then the seller need to transfer the domain. If the domain it is not transferred to the buyer the money is turning back to his/her hands. No fake purchases are admitted.

From here we are inviting to other domainers to get more visibility listing their domains into our web site. They just need to send us an email to with a list of domains (up to 50), brand name or username on domainers area, banner or logo, at least a personal photo (if available) and of course the prices for each domain and the email.

Thank you for your visit.

To see the webpage of Ivalina Bristol, please click on the banner below.

Banner Domains International

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