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Oct 30, 2012

Halloween is coming...

Halloween is coming. Every year Evil likes to play with humans. Sometimes, their representation comes earlier than its night and the trail of death is visible everywhere.

Well, for those who like to play that night to exorcise their spirits and wake up alive the next day; For all who enjoy the fear and like to exorcise and put the spirits away, especially those living within us, we have a surprise for you.  
Tomorrow we will auction the domain
The auction can be viewed on our special page and bids can be sent by email to or as comments on our Facebook page, at

And now one more novelty: we will reduce the Reserve Price to $950, the starting bid is $35, the minimum of each bet is $50 and BIN is $ 1250.

The auction duration is 6 hours, beginning at 11:00 AM EST and ending at 05:00 PM EST.

Bonus extra:  

We will guarantee an award for the first bidder of $50 if the auction is successful. The amount will be deposited in the PayPal as soon as the transaction (if successful) has been completed.

Halloween is coming and we have a surprise!
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