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Oct 18, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry?

For several years, or better said since the establishment of the Internet domains, the domain name industry is dominated by a few large corporations and corporate brokers that generally serve the greater interests, which almost monopolize the entire market.
It is not so difficult to identify these butchers (just to say the least): Generally are the big registrars and brokerage enterprises with large sums of money to spend on advertising and money to pay to their servants around the world. This is global too.
The domainers who work alone as independent, or the domainers who own a small business have huge difficulties of penetration into the market of domains as they have to face these empires and emperors. The argument is always the same: are the buyers who choose them because they have a large experience and a long history of big results.
Given this situation
that mimics the practices and strategies of the ultra-liberal and savage capitalism where  yuppies and crooks eating up everything and even the debris, with the complicity of rating agencies and a large number of propagandists. They try to destroy all of concurrency from independent domainer investors and small business domainers as rating agencies did with Lehman Brothers giving them a score of 10 when that company ended up going bankrupt within a few months.
The same applies to the domain industry. When some independent domainers and small businesses try to sell their domains usually have to face a wall of silence and indifference on the part of these great empires and their followers. If you have a proved valued domain with just one and if you don´t sell it easily it is because you are just a beginner and do not promote adequately the domain on the social networks or you don´t put the domain in their nest where they get big dividends in commissions and offering you less than a dollar in revenues. On the other hand they created a kind of network (like the spider does to hold and settle their victims), in which prospective buyers are encouraged to buy to them and not to an independent domainer or a small business. The argument here is also the same: security in the transaction, the escrow service that they say, gives guarantees to the buyer much more than direct negotiations between a buyer and a seller.

The truth however is that between a domain with just one and some of their domains that does not mean anything (in terms of dictionary nor even for business purposes), they still are selling their domains of shit, preventing the buyer could acquire to an independent seller a domain more beneficial economically. Just because the buyer is sensitive to advertising and the money that these companies boast (just go to some social networks and watch as they explode with joy exposing their new models of famous brands of cars and luxury homes).'Cause life favors them. Like an old romantic postcard, everything is perfect and according to the divine will.

Read the part II tomorrow.

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