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Oct 20, 2012

Who are the vampires of the domain names industry? (Part II)

And what to do to fight this situation that is clearly harmful to the independent domainers or for those who run small businesses? 
Firstly, and as in all social movements in modern societies, it is imperative that domainers adopt a posture of dialogue and communication between them, trying to create networks of contacts (as already happens on social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and others) and simultaneously seek to create a different model of cooperation that necessarily entails the creation of a specialized web site (as an association in real life) to facilitate such contacts, looking to join a large part of domainers who run small or independent businesses (such as a forum ), where it was possible to list domains for sale between the domainers who come to join and hold auctions at the same time, interviews, photos and videos expose, discuss the value of domains in assessment and other topics.This would be a natural way, so we would say, to face the big vested interests in this area of ​​business.

Another way, certainly more radical and would require on the part of domainers a strong awareness of the problem, would be to seek to register new domains on registrars cheaper and capable of ensuring a quality service rather than register them on the web sites of major registrars. Simultaneously domainers should first direct their investments (buying and selling domains) to other domainers associated rather than acquiring them, sometimes at much higher prices into web sites of companies belonging to the large interests in this market. Freedom would not be limited since in all cases the recommendation of a purchase or sale of domain would be just that - a recommendation, not a requirement, much less an imposition.
Of course there will be an Armageddon in this business as there will probably be in other areas of the world economy. This Armageddon, as all the History records, eliminate small and large letting all into the bankruptcy and poverty. And the higher you climb the greater you fall.But we believe that the two solutions proposed above, would be in itself a way to enable the direct negotiations between domainers and the small independent businesses (as it is largely made on Facebook and LinkedIn), avoiding to lost some of their profits (in the form of commissions) to major companies operating in the domain market.

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