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Oct 29, 2012

Why you don´t like .de domains with english names?

This morning i spoken about how to start a website or blog and suggested you how you could find the domai that you want. 
This time i am addressing to german domainers and reccomended them a web site that it has a double interaction: an english/german speaking for educated german visitors. This domain it has a name that helps you to create an website that it is an excellent title to attract visitors and even sponsors. With this name you may build  an website and sell your services related with domains business like registration new domains, hosting and listing domains and even domains auctions. is valued by SEDO as $5100 and you can get the domain and all information on it at

Let me tell you some details (in german version) on the domain into Google results:

Ausgezeichnete Domäne für die Erstellung einer neuen Website in den Kategorien Internet, Web-Design und Web-Entwicklung.
Insgesamt ergibt sich Google Search: (fast 3 Millionen von Besuchern monatlich)

If you need a escrow service and a guarantee transaction take the link to the SEDO and buy it there. 

Bonus Offer (Coupon):
We will offer a 100€ to the first bidder if the auction is successful. 

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  1. Nice post über webseite entwicklung ist es Informatik und für Entwickler interessant thanks for sharing fortsetzen bitte.

    1. Hi Stephen

      Thank you for the comment.
      May i ask you something? I would like to type some postings (or german version of some postings) but my german it is not enough. Some of my visitors (here and at the main site are german and it would be very interesting to have some german in here. I can do a german posting but could you correct me if something really wrong?
      It is not a hard work as it is just a correction and only when you have some seconds to do that as i only publish times to times something related on german domains.
      Thank you and best regards


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